High Performance Screen Materials Glass Microspheres

Payment Type: L/C,T/T,D/P
Incoterm: FOB,CFR,CIF
Min. Order: 1 Ton

Basic Info

Model No.: Screen Materials Glass Microspheres

Material: Glassbead

Application: Road Signs

Additional Info

Packaging: BULK-BAG

Productivity: 100,000MT


Transportation: Ocean

Place of Origin: CHINA

Certificate: ISO 9001/ISO 14001/CE/KS/JIS

Product Description

High Performance Screen Materials Glass Microspheres

Bead properties that are controlled during the manufacturing process include those that are chemical and physical in nature. The chemical and physical properties of beads have a major influence on how well the beads reflect light. These properties include: bead size, refractive index, clarity, roundness.

High Performance Screen Glass Microspheres
Bead Size
The size of a glass bead can affect retroreflectivity, especially under wet conditions. Larger beads have slightly higher retroreflectivity than standard beads under dry conditions. Note that bead size has no effect on refractive index.When markings are wet, beads are often rendered useless because the film of water that covers the marking causes light to scatter before it can enter the bead. This causes the wet markings to be nearly invisible at night. Large beads may be more effective when roads are slightly wet because their higher profile protrudes through the film of water better than small beads. Note that as the thickness of the water film increases, large beads begin to lose their effectiveness as well. 
High Performance Glass Microspheres
Refractive Index
The refractive index (RI) is a function of the chemical makeup of the beads, which is determined by the raw material used to make the bead. The higher the refractive index, the more light is reflected. Most beads used in roadway striping nationwide have a refractive index of 1.50. A bead with a 1.50 refractive index is made from recycled windowpane glass. Beads with higher refractive indices, including 1.65 and 1.90, are made from virgin glass and have a different chemical makeup. Higher refractive index beads are not frequently used because they are more expensive and may be slightly less durable than 1.50 RI beads. Some agencies use a blend of higher and lower refractive index beads.
High Performance Reflective Micro Glass Beads
Clarity and Roundness Clarity and roundness are the two essential properties that all beads must possess to retroreflect light. The need for transparency and roundness can be explained by examining the path of light as it enters a bead embedded in a marking. The glass bead must be transparent so that light passes through the sphere. Clarity is strongly affected by the type of raw material used. Beads that are less than transparent block a portion of the light from entering. 
The rounded surface of the bead causes the light ray to bend
downward to a point below where the bead is embedded in the paint.

Light striking the back of the embedded portion of the bead is reflected

back to the path of entry. Roundness is greatly influenced by the

properties of the blast furnace. Beads that are less than perfectly

round have diminished retroreflective properties.

This kind of glass beads are processed from special glass raw-materials. The refractive index is between 1.57 and 1.60. Its` reflective performance is superior to those glass beads adopted from architectural glass with same roundness and particle size. And the roundness and particle size can be customized according to requirements.

The glass bead can be produced based on the standard of countries or areas, such as EN1423/1424, AASHTO M247, BS6088, JIS R3301 and KS L2521 etc.High Performance Reflective Micro Glass Beads

Chiye Glass Bead (Hebei) Co., Ltd, which was set up in 1998, is the biggest and specialized supplier of glass bead for road reflectivity in China now. It locates in Langfang city that is 50 kilometers far from southeast of Beijing, and around 100 kilometers far from Xingang port of China.
The company owns 28 glass bead production lines for producing various glass beads with annual output of 100.000MT. ISO9001 Quality management system and IS014001 Environment management system certified.
The Brand of our glass bead "Chiye" has been recognized as "Famous Brand" through continuate technological innovation & accumulation of productbn experience of years. Our glass beads have been certified as qualified product by National Center for Quality Supervision & Inspection of Traffic Safety Facilities, and recognized as "Well-known Famous Product of China". "Chiye" Brand is the "Famous Brand of Hebei Province.
We obtained CE certificate in September of 2005 and KS certificate in December of 2006. Our products have been exporting to more than fifty countries and areas including US, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Korea, India etc.
We keep our tenet of sincere communication and priority quality, and we focus on providing excellent service and product to customers. We genuinely hope we can start cooperation with your esteemed company under the basis of mutual-benefit and promote mutual-development.

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